Covid-19 Information

Lochranza Centre CIC reopened to groups on Monday 27th July. The Centre continues to function as a local hub for the community, delivering hot meals, collecting medication and shopping for people in the northend villages. 

Since the 27th July, we have been running our all-inclusive family activity holidays, and continuing to provide B&B accommodation. We are delighted to be welcoming guests back onto the Centre, albeit in considerably smaller numbers than usual. We hoped to see the return of some school groups from September, but have not seen the necessary changes to education guidelines to permit overnight stays. Currently, there is a petition to the UK Government and Parliament requesting a change to the guidance:

The safety of our guests and staff is at the forefront of our thinking, as we listen closely to what the governments of the UK as a whole and Scotland are saying. We have in place appropriate social distancing measures, operating procedures and risk assessments for our Centre. We realise that opening is only possible with the support of visiting students, party leaders, school management, parents, local authorities, transport providers and our local population.

We remain really grateful for any feedback you may wish to provide. If you have any questions, rest assured we are here to deal with them if you email or give us a ring on 01770 830 637.

The government and public health representatives have made it clear that the best place for young people is outdoors. The risk of Covid-19 spread in the outdoor environment is significantly reduced. At Lochranza Centre CIC that is what we do best – work safely outdoors with young people.

We can only open the Centre and indeed keep the business in operation for years to come with your support and cooperation. Although we have to make changes, we can still provide a fantastic experience and the level of quality in all areas which you have come to expect from us over the years.

For further details, please see the documents attached to this page:

  1. Our Covid-19 Risk Assessment

  2. Some written information on changes in key locations on site

With thanks and best wishes,

All at Lochranza Centre CIC

Lochranza Field Centre