Public Geology Course

Have you ever cast your eyes upwards and wondered why that mountain is the shape it is? Or been puzzled by that particular lump of rock that sticks out so far? Maybe you’ve admired the pebbles along the shore, and wondered what they’re made of. If so, we might be able to help!


The Lochranza Centre runs Public Geology courses each year. These outdoor education courses take you into the field and equip you with the knowledge and skills to read our landscape with new eyes. Comprising a five-day package, including bed and board, the courses are largely outdoors-based but also feature some indoor learning.

We are running two courses in 2020, both priced at £449 per person. Choose the dates that suit you best: either Saturday 8th - Friday 14th August, or Saturday 19th - Friday 25th September. Slots are currently still available for both!

The 2021 course will run from Saturday 17th - Friday 23rd July, at £469 per person.


To book your space on a course, and for any further information, including on the possibility of more tailored courses, please contact the Centre.




Lochranza Field Centre