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“The Lochranza Centre offers fantastic value for money”
St George's School Edinburgh

“We can study all the topics we need at the Lochranza Centre.”
St Peter's School York


The Isle of Arran has some of the most spectacular examples of geographically significant landscapes in Scotland. Coasts, rivers and glacial valleys display classic examples of features and processes, all in easily accessible locations. Within Lochranza alone a wide range of ecosystems exists, allowing students to study soils, vegetation, ecological succession and carbon cycling. As a tourist island there are also plenty of opportunities for human geography, looking at rural communities, tourist destinations and settlement evolution.

​The island appears in many textbooks as a case study example, so don’t just take our word for it – the experts agree that there’s nowhere more suitable for geographical fieldwork. Most study locations are a short walk from our front door. This makes best use of your time and gives the students as much hands-on experience as possible.

​Your course will be taught by subject specialists, Honours Graduates with an enthusiasm for their subject and extensive experience working outdoors. They have completed Mountain Leader Training, are First Aid qualified and have undergone a full disclosure process.


Our courses can be tailored for all key stages and exam boards. Length of stay is up to you – typically between two and five days. Fieldwork can operate as full day excursions or half day sessions. A visit to Lochranza will make the Geography textbook come alive for your students. It will give them skills and confidence later when answering exam questions. Data can also be collected in preparation for full investigations completed back at school. See our section on ‘Course Examples’ for more details.


So why not give your students a Geography experience to remember on the fantastic Isle of Arran? It’s another world, without being a world away!

To inquire about making a booking, please contact us directly.

For examples of some of our studies, and access to our online teaching resources, go to our study resources page (currently under development).

Lochranza Field Centre
Arran Sleeping warrior
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