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“Practical and interactive learning - a chance to apply our study results to real life projects, like hydroelectric power”
Glasgow Caledonian University


Environmental Science

Islands provide the best classrooms in which to study environmental science, and Arran is no exception. Not only do they provide a microcosm for investigating abiotic and biotic processes, they are the places which will most urgently feel the impacts of climate change, as rising sea levels hit our coastal communities. Islands are also at the forefront of efforts tackling climate change, through renewable energy, sustainability and the Scottish Government’s net zero ambitions. These issues are woven through our practical fieldwork.

On land, we can investigate carbon storage – looking at carbon content of trees, and addressing the importance of peat (an excellent excuse for a hill walk!). We have a whole range of habitats for vegetation comparison, from saltmarsh to heathland, woodland to grassland. And where better to introduce students to geological principles than the birthplace of modern geology?

On the coast, marine zonation can be used to investigate the distribution of seaweeds and marine animals up a rocky shoreline. As an added extra, groups may take advantage of COAST’s new Explorer boat, taking to the seas to discover the remarkable impact of Arran’s pioneering No Take Zone on our waters’ biodiversity.

Our courses can be tailored for all levels and exam boards. Fieldwork can operate as half day sessions or full day excursions. Data can also be collected to complete the fieldwork portion of students’ coursework.

Your course will be taught by subject specialists, Honours Graduates with an enthusiasm for their subject and extensive experience working outdoors. They have completed Mountain Leader Training, are First Aid qualified and have undergone a full disclosure process.

Join us to fully experience our stunning environment, from seabed to hilltop, and everything in between!

To inquire about making a booking, please contact us directly.

For examples of some of our studies, and access to our online teaching resources, go to our study resources page (currently under development).

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